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Motor Vehicle Tag Renewal Chart

Renewal Month

First Letter of Last Name

  • January A and D
  • February B
  • March C and E
  • April F, G and N
  • May H and O
  • June M and I
  • July P and L
  • August J, K and R
  • September Q, S and T
  • October U, V, W, X, Y and Z
  • October/November National Guard and Heavy Trucks
  • October/November Commercial and Fleet Vehicles

Motor Vehicle Tag Mail-In Program

How This Program Benefits You:

  • Gives you, the taxpayer, an option as to how you conduct business with the probate office.
  • The tag renewal program will not change the month in which citizens normally renew their tag.
  • County residents can expect the courtesy renewal postcards in their mailbox during the first week of their renewal month.
  • No more standing in line.

Any change to tag type or address will require vehicle owner to come to probate office to complete renewal.

Important things to remember when renewing your tag(s) by mail:

  • Be sure to include your insurance policy number*, NAIC number*,
    driver’s license numbersignature, and telephone number where we can reach you.
    (these numbers are usually found on your insurance card)
  • Enclose Payment as shown on “Total Tag & Tax” and return your renewal card and payment to the Pike County Probate Office by the 20th day of your renewal month.
  • You will need to use the PIN CODE (circled below) when completing your transaction online.

Email Alerts:

Sign-up to receive email alerts regarding your upcoming tag renewal. All we need is your tag number, DL number, and current email address.


How To Find Your PIN Code

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